Using Funny Questions for Couples for the First Time

Funny Questions

Are you feeling bored? Well how about having a funny conversation with your loved one? This will spice up your love life and will help you to know your partner better. Ask random things about his/her life, the best moments, the worst nightmares and their future goals. It isn’t obligatory to have a romantic conversation all the time; you can also enjoy your relationship with amusing and funny questions for couples.

A nice entertaining communication will help you to strengthen your relationship. Certain phases of life will require you to know your partner better. You should have the ability to understand you partner and to trust him at every phase of life. When you’ve achieved that, you’re loved one will openly share everything with you regarding his/her life. Some questions for couples can also revive old relationships and the funny delightful questions can end up the conversation with bursts of laughter. Funny questions can stretch the imaginations of your partner and he/she will find it easier to communicate on any subject.

So, here’s a list of funny dating and lame questions that you can ask your guy/girl. Let’s see if your partner answers them correctly.

1. Would you like to watch a romantic movie with me?
2. What if I ask you to run away with me? What would be your reaction?
3. What would you do if try to kiss you now?
4. What is the most attractive part of my face?
5. Do you like it when someone stares at me?
6. If I try to beat you, what would be your reaction?
7. What are the characteristics of a perfect man/woman?
8. Do you like to have sex in winter?
9. Do you take a shower on weekends only?
10. Do you like to read sex stories?
11. If I ask you stop smoking, would you listen to me?
12. If you had only five minutes to get along with me, what would you talk about?
13. Do you miss your ex?
14. Have you lost your virginity?
15. What’s your weirdest fantasy?
16. Are you a pervert?
17. According to you, what is the wildest sex position?
18. How would you turn me on?
19. What if I had a best friend of the opposite sex? Would you feel jealous?
20. Do you judge men/women by their dressing?
21. When was the last time you asked someone out?
22. Am I your love or addiction?
23. Would you like to see me naked?
24. What if you’re in a mood for sex and I’m not?
25. Can you do household work?
26. What is the best ever scene of ‘Titanic’?
27. How often do you watch porn?
28. If I was your boss, would you still propose me?
29. Where did you spend your first date?
30. Why did you propose me?
31. Would you ever let me know your Facebook’s password?
32. What if I say that I’m not ready for a relationship?
33. What if I found someone else?
34. Do you still remember your first love?
35. Would you ever introduce me to your friends?

Choose the most suitable questions for your partner but please, don’t make him/her feel it like an interview. Just let yourself out of the boredom and enjoy asking these questions to your loved one.


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