Making use of Questions for Couples to Improve Your Relationship


Before starting a new relationship, you need to know everything about your partner. You don’t really need to make a list of a thousand questions for couples as that might irritate your partner, instead, just share your thoughts and discuss it with them. Have fun with your life partner and when he seems curious and attentive, ask some valuable things that you haven’t mulled over before. It will help you assess hidden aspects of your partner’s personality, his way of living, likes, dislikes and needs.

It is not mandatory that the questions must be related to your love life, it could be about anything. The most essential thing is that they must touch your partner’s heart and insights, making it comfortable for both of you to discover new things about each other.

If you are considering going out on a date, the first question for couples that might arise in your mind must be about why your partner digs you. It is highly suggested that the beginning of a new relationship with your loved one must be strong, so try not to beat around the bush and openly talk to your partner in a loving manner.

Assuming that you are heading a fruitful relationship and planning to go to the next level, i.e. marriage, then you must ask your partner about it to gauge his desires.

Beneath is a list of few of the thousand casual questions that can help zest up your love life:

1. Have you ever, hidden any secret from me?
2. Are you possessive in any way?
3. Have you ever spied on me?
4. Do you have trust issues?
5. Before dating me, have you ever been attached to anyone?
6. If I stop being in a physical relationship with you, will you still love me?
7. Will you still find yourself attracted to me if I put on a lot of weight?
8. How do you feel when I’m with you?
9. Do you think of us having kids?
10. What was your happiest moment with me?
11. Where do you want to spend our honeymoon?
12. How do you plan to support our family?
13. Do you think I am your ideal person?
14. Do you think we are ready to tie the knot?
15. Do we share the same thoughts about anything under the sun?
16. Are you interested in adoption in case we are unable to have one of our own?
17. When I piss you off sometimes, have you thought of breaking up with me?
18. When and where was your first date, and with whom?
19. Do you think your family will give their blessing for me to be your wife/husband?
20. Do you think couples should share everything with each other?

I can continue forever with this record, but I hope these questions make it less demanding for you to have a successful relationship.

Always remember, make it a point to meet halfway with your partner and if necessary, tie loose ends. Have fun with each other!

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