Top Questions for Married Couples

questions for married couples

It is really fascinating how couples can live together in a marital relationship for 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years. The sad part is most of them fails to understand each other in a better way; they try to neglect the uncommon characteristics and avoid talking about it.

Marriage counsellors and other experts often discuss this issue and mostly say that it occurs because couples don’t communicate with each other. Marriage itself means to know and understand your partner’s psyche. If a couple doesn’t give importance to the art of conversation, the relationship will have less value no matter how long they’ve been together.

Married life should not have any kind of complications, and it should not go sour. The best solution is to give proper attention to your partner and to pick the most suitable questions for couples to avoid a division between both of you.

Apart from the questioning and discussion, similar love languages are also necessary for couples to know the feelings of their partners.

Below are the most common and useful questions which can help married couples get along with each other:

1. If you had enough memory to remember some of the incidents in your life, what part would you remember in our marriage?

2. How do you want me to make love to you?

3. When do you feel suitable to talk?

4. How can I encourage you?

5. Do you think we are good parents?

6. What are your views about having more children?

7. What is the right time for us to have a baby?

8. Do you have ideas to strengthen our relationship?

9. If given a second chance in life, am I still going to be your spouse?

10. What are your deepest sorrows?

11. Do you feel my love when you look into eyes?

12. Is it all right if you cover all the expenses for our honeymoon?

13. How can you save money for our future?

14. Besides physical relationship, do you enjoy living with me?

15. Why did you marry me?

16. Am I able to resolve our conflicts?

17. What is that one thing you don’t want to see in me?

18. Besides us being a couple, can we be best friends too?

19. Are we better than other couples out there?

20. What are the strengths of our marriage?

21. Do you find it hard to tolerate me sometimes?

22. What are the most unbearable weaknesses of our relationship?

23. Have I changed during these years?

24. What are the wackiest, sexual fantasies that turn you on?

25. Are you satisfied with our married life?

26. Do I need to talk more?

27. Do you think I’m responsible for all the problems in our relationship?

28. Do you want me to seduce you often?

29. Is there anything you have given up just to save our relationship?

30. Are you connected with me emotionally?

It is quite important to fill the communication gap in order to lead a successful married life. Asking your partner some particular questions for married couples will be helpful for you to know each other better.

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    I don’t have a smart phone. How can I get a hard copy of “1000 questions for couples” and the other free books?


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