Great Romantic Questions for Couples

Romantic Questions For Couples

The mission of having the love of your life has finally been accomplished as your high school crush has now become your life partner. You both must be having fun living together under one roof, and sharing all you have.

Things often change, so does the relationship. In time, both of you will become bored of each other and won’t have anything to talk about. This shouldn’t happen, although it doesn’t mean that you don’t love each other anymore. You just need to fill the communication gap that may tear both of you apart.

 Couples often find themselves uneasy which each other. You might find yourself trapped in a situation when you’re out of words. It’s true that love doesn’t need language; it can be expressed either way, but sometimes, words do the work. That’s normal, but you can’t take any risk. Better spill the beans, then not talk at all.

 You can make a list of appropriate questions for couples that your partner can answer right away. It’s important to make it comfortable for your loved one so he/she won’t get pissed by anything you ask.

 Actions speak louder than words, so make a romantic atmosphere for your partner, cuddle him/her and ask about the problems your relationship is facing, and what can you both do to resolve them.

 For your ease, I have collected some of the most helpful romantic questions for couples to strengthen your relationship’s bond.

 1. Do you recall the time when we first kissed?

2. Do you think we are true lovers?

3. Did you ever feel breaking up with me?

4. Am I able to satisfy you sexually?

5. Can we have strong bonds by having a baby?

6. Do you feel tired of working?

7. What can I do to support our family financially?

8. Do you think I am aggressive?

9. Do you remember any happy moment of our relationship?

10. Do you think I’m responsible enough?

11. What are your biggest fantasies? I’ll make them come true.

12. It’s been years since we’ve been together, do you think we can keep up?

13. Do you still want to be my guy/woman when we reach 80?

14. What is the worst thing in me?

15. What is the best attribute?

16. Is there a difference between love and sex?

17. Do you believe we are soul mates?

18. How can we keep our romance alive?

19. How do you describe our relationship in a song?

20. When we were still dating, what was the first thing that you noticed about me?

21. Do you think romance can strengthen our relationship?

22. Do you want to go out and dine out regularly?

23. Have you thought of moving our relationship to the next level?

24. Do you think we should communicate more often?

25. Do you want to meet my family?

26. Does any song come to your heart and mind when thinking of me?

27. How did you fall for me?

28. Do you keep secrets from me?

29. Is there anything that reminds you of a great time we missed out?

30. What would be your reaction if I give you a French kiss in public?

 These are few of the most effective and inventive questions that we managed to collect for you. Go ask your partner but remember to be romantic and comfortable.

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