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Thinking of Tying The Knot? 5 Tips To Make Sure You Stay Together

Questions-For-Couples-To-AskDid you know that love does NOT conquer all?

You see, often people get married with the idea that their “chemistry”
or undying love for each other will keep them together forever.

However, with almost 50% of marriages ending in divorce these days, it’s
obvious that this isn’t the case. Therefore, it pays to know a few little
secrets before getting married.

Here are 5 tips that help keep couples together long after tying the knot:

Tip #1 – Continue dating

Over the years, people often drift apart or relationships and marriages become
stale because couples fail to do new and special things together. That’s why
going on new and refreshing dates is so important. In fact, there is something
about “dating” that creates a sense of magic in a relationship and
can even bring relationships out of a rut. While on a date, you also put more
effort into your appearance, have more uninterrupted time to communicate on
a deeper level and are naturally drawn closer together. Stuck for ideas? Spend
the day at the aquarium, zoo, museum, carnival, bookstore, beach or park.

Tip #2 – Delay is often better

It’s a well-documented statistic that couples who have dated for a year
or longer before marriage have a significantly lower rate of divorce than those
who married after a short dating period. A year of dating gives time for many
emotions to surface and many character traits to be discovered. You may adore
someone in the spring, but despise him or her in the winter. Asking someone
for his or her hand in marriage on the third date isn’t romantic. It’s gambling.

Tip #3 – Always express your love

Oftentimes, as a relationship matures, partners tend to stop praising each
other because they ‘assume’ their partner already knows what they’re thinking.
When in reality, a day should never go by without you praising your partner.
Compliment them on their cooking, reaffirm that they’re the greatest person
in the world or tell them they’re a wonderful role model. If you want
to be loved and romanced by your sweetheart, love and romance them first. When
they’re feeling loved, it is much easier to love in return. Are you a super
supporter of what your mate does and says? So do you cheer them on and praise
them constantly? Or do they constantly hear boos or silence?

Tip #4 – Take time to understand your partner

Couples with the most problems are often the ones that say, “I just don’t
understand him/her.” So let me ask you: How knowledgeable are you about
your mate’s profession or the degree they are pursuing? Do you know anything
about his or her family heritage? Are you able to have a meaningful conversation
about her cross-stitch hobby or his interest in rugby? If you are a man, do
you fully understand what women experience during PMS or menopause? You don’t
need to be identical, but make an effort to learn about the things that interest
your partner in life and you’ll grow closer as a result.

Tip #5 – Answer the BIG questions

Does your partner want kids? Do you both want careers? Do they have a history
of spending their way into debt? Do they go to church?

In my opinion, the biggest reason almost half of marriages end in divorce is
because couples fail to ask each other the right questions BEFORE they get married.
I guess people think they’ll be able to change their spouses after marriage
and everything will be better. Wrong. If you fail to sit down and discuss finances,
religion, sex, housing, your future, and other topics in great detail, you could
end up with nothing but argument after argument for the rest of your days.

In the end, if you both have completely different views, desires and goals
in life, there’s no guarantee that chemistry or “I love you’s”
will help you stay together. Make it your utmost priority to understand each
other ‘inside-out’ BEFORE you take that walk down the aisle.

About the author:

Michael Webb is the author of “1000 Questions For Couples” the most
comprehensive book of questions that all couples should ask before getting married.
Covering lovemaking, religion, careers, money, children & raising them,
household work, personalities, the future and much much more. To learn more,
visit: 1000 Questions For Couples

Great Romantic Questions for Couples

Romantic Questions For Couples

The mission of having the love of your life has finally been accomplished as your high school crush has now become your life partner. You both must be having fun living together under one roof, and sharing all you have.

Things often change, so does the relationship. In time, both of you will become bored of each other and won’t have anything to talk about. This shouldn’t happen, although it doesn’t mean that you don’t love each other anymore. You just need to fill the communication gap that may tear both of you apart.

 Couples often find themselves uneasy which each other. You might find yourself trapped in a situation when you’re out of words. It’s true that love doesn’t need language; it can be expressed either way, but sometimes, words do the work. That’s normal, but you can’t take any risk. Better spill the beans, then not talk at all.

 You can make a list of appropriate questions for couples that your partner can answer right away. It’s important to make it comfortable for your loved one so he/she won’t get pissed by anything you ask.

 Actions speak louder than words, so make a romantic atmosphere for your partner, cuddle him/her and ask about the problems your relationship is facing, and what can you both do to resolve them.

 For your ease, I have collected some of the most helpful romantic questions for couples to strengthen your relationship’s bond.

 1. Do you recall the time when we first kissed?

2. Do you think we are true lovers?

3. Did you ever feel breaking up with me?

4. Am I able to satisfy you sexually?

5. Can we have strong bonds by having a baby?

6. Do you feel tired of working?

7. What can I do to support our family financially?

8. Do you think I am aggressive?

9. Do you remember any happy moment of our relationship?

10. Do you think I’m responsible enough?

11. What are your biggest fantasies? I’ll make them come true.

12. It’s been years since we’ve been together, do you think we can keep up?

13. Do you still want to be my guy/woman when we reach 80?

14. What is the worst thing in me?

15. What is the best attribute?

16. Is there a difference between love and sex?

17. Do you believe we are soul mates?

18. How can we keep our romance alive?

19. How do you describe our relationship in a song?

20. When we were still dating, what was the first thing that you noticed about me?

21. Do you think romance can strengthen our relationship?

22. Do you want to go out and dine out regularly?

23. Have you thought of moving our relationship to the next level?

24. Do you think we should communicate more often?

25. Do you want to meet my family?

26. Does any song come to your heart and mind when thinking of me?

27. How did you fall for me?

28. Do you keep secrets from me?

29. Is there anything that reminds you of a great time we missed out?

30. What would be your reaction if I give you a French kiss in public?

 These are few of the most effective and inventive questions that we managed to collect for you. Go ask your partner but remember to be romantic and comfortable.

Using Funny Questions for Couples for the First Time

Funny Questions

Are you feeling bored? Well how about having a funny conversation with your loved one? This will spice up your love life and will help you to know your partner better. Ask random things about his/her life, the best moments, the worst nightmares and their future goals. It isn’t obligatory to have a romantic conversation all the time; you can also enjoy your relationship with amusing and funny questions for couples.

A nice entertaining communication will help you to strengthen your relationship. Certain phases of life will require you to know your partner better. You should have the ability to understand you partner and to trust him at every phase of life. When you’ve achieved that, you’re loved one will openly share everything with you regarding his/her life. Some questions for couples can also revive old relationships and the funny delightful questions can end up the conversation with bursts of laughter. Funny questions can stretch the imaginations of your partner and he/she will find it easier to communicate on any subject.

So, here’s a list of funny dating and lame questions that you can ask your guy/girl. Let’s see if your partner answers them correctly.

1. Would you like to watch a romantic movie with me?
2. What if I ask you to run away with me? What would be your reaction?
3. What would you do if try to kiss you now?
4. What is the most attractive part of my face?
5. Do you like it when someone stares at me?
6. If I try to beat you, what would be your reaction?
7. What are the characteristics of a perfect man/woman?
8. Do you like to have sex in winter?
9. Do you take a shower on weekends only?
10. Do you like to read sex stories?
11. If I ask you stop smoking, would you listen to me?
12. If you had only five minutes to get along with me, what would you talk about?
13. Do you miss your ex?
14. Have you lost your virginity?
15. What’s your weirdest fantasy?
16. Are you a pervert?
17. According to you, what is the wildest sex position?
18. How would you turn me on?
19. What if I had a best friend of the opposite sex? Would you feel jealous?
20. Do you judge men/women by their dressing?
21. When was the last time you asked someone out?
22. Am I your love or addiction?
23. Would you like to see me naked?
24. What if you’re in a mood for sex and I’m not?
25. Can you do household work?
26. What is the best ever scene of ‘Titanic’?
27. How often do you watch porn?
28. If I was your boss, would you still propose me?
29. Where did you spend your first date?
30. Why did you propose me?
31. Would you ever let me know your Facebook’s password?
32. What if I say that I’m not ready for a relationship?
33. What if I found someone else?
34. Do you still remember your first love?
35. Would you ever introduce me to your friends?

Choose the most suitable questions for your partner but please, don’t make him/her feel it like an interview. Just let yourself out of the boredom and enjoy asking these questions to your loved one.


Top Questions for Married Couples

questions for married couples

It is really fascinating how couples can live together in a marital relationship for 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years. The sad part is most of them fails to understand each other in a better way; they try to neglect the uncommon characteristics and avoid talking about it.

Marriage counsellors and other experts often discuss this issue and mostly say that it occurs because couples don’t communicate with each other. Marriage itself means to know and understand your partner’s psyche. If a couple doesn’t give importance to the art of conversation, the relationship will have less value no matter how long they’ve been together.

Married life should not have any kind of complications, and it should not go sour. The best solution is to give proper attention to your partner and to pick the most suitable questions for couples to avoid a division between both of you.

Apart from the questioning and discussion, similar love languages are also necessary for couples to know the feelings of their partners.

Below are the most common and useful questions which can help married couples get along with each other:

1. If you had enough memory to remember some of the incidents in your life, what part would you remember in our marriage?

2. How do you want me to make love to you?

3. When do you feel suitable to talk?

4. How can I encourage you?

5. Do you think we are good parents?

6. What are your views about having more children?

7. What is the right time for us to have a baby?

8. Do you have ideas to strengthen our relationship?

9. If given a second chance in life, am I still going to be your spouse?

10. What are your deepest sorrows?

11. Do you feel my love when you look into eyes?

12. Is it all right if you cover all the expenses for our honeymoon?

13. How can you save money for our future?

14. Besides physical relationship, do you enjoy living with me?

15. Why did you marry me?

16. Am I able to resolve our conflicts?

17. What is that one thing you don’t want to see in me?

18. Besides us being a couple, can we be best friends too?

19. Are we better than other couples out there?

20. What are the strengths of our marriage?

21. Do you find it hard to tolerate me sometimes?

22. What are the most unbearable weaknesses of our relationship?

23. Have I changed during these years?

24. What are the wackiest, sexual fantasies that turn you on?

25. Are you satisfied with our married life?

26. Do I need to talk more?

27. Do you think I’m responsible for all the problems in our relationship?

28. Do you want me to seduce you often?

29. Is there anything you have given up just to save our relationship?

30. Are you connected with me emotionally?

It is quite important to fill the communication gap in order to lead a successful married life. Asking your partner some particular questions for married couples will be helpful for you to know each other better.

What are Fun Questions for Couples?

Fun questions

It’s really fun to tease your partner with lame and stupid questions. This may seem silly but it can strengthen your relationship and you can easily take it to the next level. It’s very important understand your partner and you can only do that by communication. Don’t try to be annoying because this might irritate your partner.

For all the guys out there, how much your girlfriend/wife knows you? Same goes for the ladies. Of course you must be curious about your partner and want to know more about his/her life but it’s important to take it in an easier way. You don’t need to make a complicated scene for your partner by asking him/her random questions regarding his/her life, instead, make it more romantic and funny. A list of selected fun questions for couples may work just right.

Asking questions can lead to a fun conversation and at the same time, you will get to know the personality of your loved one. Sometimes, being stupid and annoying really work when it has a touch of fun and romance. You must have mutual understanding and a relation of trust with your partner to know and share hidden things. Asking funny questions to your life partner doesn’t mean that you make fun of them, it will make them feel rather stupid. They are the questions through which you can make your loved one blush and hug you.

Here are some of the questions for couples that you will love to ask your boyfriend/girlfriend:

1. If I ever nab you lying to me, what would be your reaction?
2. What would you do to me if we were alone somewhere?
3. How do I look in a bikini?
4. Do you like my shorts?
5. Does this dress/suit make me look fat?
6. Which cartoon character resembles me?
7. Can you sing for me in public?
8. Can you make me a sandwich?
9. How many boyfriends/girlfriends you had in the past?
10. If I let you choose my dress for a day, what would it be?
11. What would you do if I wake you up at 3 A.M?
12. What’s that one thing about me that impresses you the most?
13. Can I know your wildest sexual fantasy?
14. What was the naughtiest thought that came to your mind while being with me?
15. If I ask you to give me a wacky gift, what would it be and why?
16. If you ever caught me with some other girl/guy, what would you do?
17. Have you ever had sex before?
18. If I ask you to give up something for me, would you do it?
19. When was your worst date and with whom?
20. If someone older than you ask you out, would you say yes?
21. Is sexual compatibility important to keep up a relationship?
22. Would you ever go to the naked beach with me?
23. Why do men look at other women when they already have a girlfriend?
24. Can your feet fit in my shoes?
25. Is there any condition for you to love me?
26. What are your views about true love?
27. When was the last time you had a wild kiss?
28. Have you ever cheated on me?
29. Would you ever try to have two girlfriends at the same time?
30. Are you really a good person or just trying to impress me?

And that’s it! With this list you can have a funny conversation with your partner and can enjoy your relationship even more.

Questions For Couples

1000 Questions For Couples Review – Is It Really Worth Your Time And Effort?


Can 1000 Questions For Couples Help You Bond With Your Partner?

If you’re trying to decide whether 1000 Questions For Couples is worth your time, money, and effort, you’ve come to the right place. In the following material, you should find everything you need to know about this book — both the good and the bad — so that you’ll be able to make an informed choice.

This guide is extremely successful. It has helped thousands of men and women get to know their partner quickly and have fun at the same time. But because it has worked for others, does that mean it will work for you? The author is so confident that it will do everything it claims, it’s backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

What Exactly Is 1000 Questions For Couples?

1000 Questions for Couples is the brainchild of author Michael Webb, considered to be one of the top experts in relationships. Michael has appeared on many TV shows (including Oprah), appeared in almost every major newspaper in the country, numerous radio shows, and can be found in dozens of magazines.

The premise behind 1000 Questions for Couples is that it is better to find out everything you can NOW rather than years further into a relationship that is doomed.


Is This Book For You?

While you’re the only person who can answer that question for yourself, I’ll give you the benefit of our experience — actually our daughter’s experience — with 1000 Questions For Couples and maybe it will give you some guidance.

Very few couples have the ability to really talk, especially those in new relationships. Most have difficulty broaching certain topics; sex, religion, family, to name a few. But in our daughter’s case, what she didn’t know about her ex-husband was devastating.

After going through four years of marriage that ended in a painful divorce, our daughter was faced with the fact that she had just wasted four years of her life — the prime of her life — in a relationship that was doomed from the start. She had no idea who he really was.

So how could she avoid the same mistakes in her next relationship? Obviously getting to know more about him as quickly as possible would help, but the 21 questions routine will send most guys running for the door.

To make a long story short, she’s dated several guys since her divorce and has used 1000 Questions For Couples kind of as a game. The guy had no clue that he was actually being tested. She’s been able to find out in a couple of hours what took her a couple of years to find out about her ex-husband — critical things that meant, bottom line, they didn’t belong together. She knows right away whether the guy is even remotely someone that she could be happy with. The result — no more precious time wasted.

Have Fun Finding Out Vital Information

And just because you’re doing something that really needs to be done early in the relationship doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. The questions are designed to be entertaining much like a game. That’s exactly what our daughter did when she started dating. She used it as entertainment.

You can be as nosey as you want to be without him being suspicious about anything. She entered the dating scene again, and after a few dates, she would pull out a copy of 1000 Questions For Couples and say, “It’s just a game.” They had a great time, getting to know each other. She told us many of the questions and answers had them doubled over in laughter.


Can Be Downloaded Instantly, Get To Know Him Quickly1000 Questions For Couples is available for instant download. It’s simple, anyone can do it, and you can get started right now.A Sample Of Some Of The Questions Contained In The Book

  • Feelings & Emotions (Do you believe in public displays of emotion?)
  • Favorite Things (What kinds of hobbies did you have as a child?)
  • Religion (What are your religious beliefs?)
  • Holidays and Celebrations (What are your favorite family traditions?)
  • Past and Future (Where would you like to be in ten years?)
  • Love (What is the best relationship advice you have ever gotten?)
  • Friends and Family (What kind of relationship did you have with your parents?)
  • Career and Education (What are your job or career goals for the future?)
  • Money (Should couples have individual or joint bank accounts?)
  • Relationships (What is the most romantic thing you have ever done?)
  • Sex (What kind of clothing do you find sexy?)

1000 Questions For Couples is well written, easy to understand, and with so many questions and topics to cover, it will keep you entertained for months.

questionsforcouplesCan Be Downloaded Instantly, Get To Know Him Quickly1000 Questions For Couples is available for instant download. It’s simple, anyone can do it, and you can get started right now.Free: The author includes at no additional cost:

  • 300-day Email Course (Which our daughter never used)
  • 101 Romantic Ideas (She picked up several tips out of this)

What’s The Downside?

The only negative thing I could find with this book is that, quite obviously, if you’re dealing with a guy who is being dishonest and trying to present himself to you as someone he isn’t, then the principles applied in the book probably won’t work. But I would have to hope that if you’re dating someone who is that big of a liar, you’ll be able to pick up on that fact pretty quickly on your own — and quickly give him the boot.

Try It Out For Two Months, Risk Free

The best part about 1000 Questions For Couples is the 100 percent money back guarantee. Try it out for two months, and if it’s not everything you thought it would be, you get your money back, no questions asked.Guarantes
The payment and refund process is handled by a long-standing, reputable institution that oversees downloadable books. If you’re unhappy for any reason, they’ve got your back. And you won’t have to wait weeks for a refund. This was not the first time that we made a purchase through this company, and the one time we weren’t satisfied, our money was back on our card within a couple of days.

Based on the ease of reading, the hours and hours of entertainment, and the money back guarantee, 1000 Questions for Couples is definitely worth a closer look. The only thing you’ve got to lose is a deadbeat boyfriend.

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Making use of Questions for Couples to Improve Your Relationship


Before starting a new relationship, you need to know everything about your partner. You don’t really need to make a list of a thousand questions for couples as that might irritate your partner, instead, just share your thoughts and discuss it with them. Have fun with your life partner and when he seems curious and attentive, ask some valuable things that you haven’t mulled over before. It will help you assess hidden aspects of your partner’s personality, his way of living, likes, dislikes and needs.

It is not mandatory that the questions must be related to your love life, it could be about anything. The most essential thing is that they must touch your partner’s heart and insights, making it comfortable for both of you to discover new things about each other.

If you are considering going out on a date, the first question for couples that might arise in your mind must be about why your partner digs you. It is highly suggested that the beginning of a new relationship with your loved one must be strong, so try not to beat around the bush and openly talk to your partner in a loving manner.

Assuming that you are heading a fruitful relationship and planning to go to the next level, i.e. marriage, then you must ask your partner about it to gauge his desires.

Beneath is a list of few of the thousand casual questions that can help zest up your love life:

1. Have you ever, hidden any secret from me?
2. Are you possessive in any way?
3. Have you ever spied on me?
4. Do you have trust issues?
5. Before dating me, have you ever been attached to anyone?
6. If I stop being in a physical relationship with you, will you still love me?
7. Will you still find yourself attracted to me if I put on a lot of weight?
8. How do you feel when I’m with you?
9. Do you think of us having kids?
10. What was your happiest moment with me?
11. Where do you want to spend our honeymoon?
12. How do you plan to support our family?
13. Do you think I am your ideal person?
14. Do you think we are ready to tie the knot?
15. Do we share the same thoughts about anything under the sun?
16. Are you interested in adoption in case we are unable to have one of our own?
17. When I piss you off sometimes, have you thought of breaking up with me?
18. When and where was your first date, and with whom?
19. Do you think your family will give their blessing for me to be your wife/husband?
20. Do you think couples should share everything with each other?

I can continue forever with this record, but I hope these questions make it less demanding for you to have a successful relationship.

Always remember, make it a point to meet halfway with your partner and if necessary, tie loose ends. Have fun with each other!